How To Get Rayquaza In Pokemon Violet

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Pokemon Violet is the latest iteration of the classic Pokemon franchise. It is a turn-based strategy game set in the world of the Pokemon universe. You can battle, catch and train Pokemon and explore the region of Kanto. One of the most sought after Pokemon in the game is Rayquaza, the dragon-type legendary Pokemon. In this guide, you can learn how to get Rayquaza in Pokemon Violet.

Where to Find Rayquaza

Rayquaza is an incredibly rare and powerful Pokemon. It can be found in the wild in the Kanto region, usually in the caves and mountains. It can also be found in the Safari Zone, but it is very difficult to encounter. It is recommended to bring many pokeballs and other items to make it easier to capture Rayquaza.

How to Capture Rayquaza

Once you have encountered Rayquaza, it is time to capture it. The best way to do this is to weaken it by using weaker pokemons. Rayquaza has high health and defense stats, so it is recommended to use pokemons with high attack stats to weaken it. Once Rayquaza is weak enough, you can use ultra balls or timer balls to capture it. It is also possible to use a Master Ball, but it is not recommended as it is a rare item and can be better used on other legendary Pokemon.

How to Train Rayquaza

Once you have captured Rayquaza, it is time to train it. Rayquaza has a variety of moves that can be learned through TM and HM items. It is recommended to focus on the dragon-type moves such as Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse. Rayquaza can also learn the move Fly, which can be used to quickly traverse the Kanto region. Rayquaza should also be given items such as Protein, Calcium and Iron to increase its stats.

How to Evolve Rayquaza

Rayquaza has two forms, its normal form and its Mega Evolved form. To Mega Evolve Rayquaza, it must be holding the Mega Stone and be in a battle. To get the Mega Stone, you can purchase it from the Kanto Pokemon Mart or find it in the Safari Zone. Once Rayquaza is holding the Mega Stone, it can be Mega Evolved in battle.

How to Level Up Rayquaza

Rayquaza can be leveled up quickly by using Rare Candies. Rare Candies can be found in the wild or purchased from the Kanto Pokemon Mart. It is also possible to level up Rayquaza by battling other wild Pokemon or trainers. Rayquaza should also be given vitamins to increase its stats and make it stronger.

How to Use Rayquaza in Battle

Rayquaza is a powerful Pokemon that can be used in battle to easily defeat most opponents. It is a dragon-type Pokemon, so it is weak to Ice, Dragon and Fairy-type moves. It is recommended to equip Rayquaza with items such as Leftovers and Choice Band to increase its stats. Rayquaza should also be taught moves such as Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse to take advantage of its dragon-type moves.


Rayquaza is an incredibly powerful and rare Pokemon that can be used to dominate the Kanto region. To get Rayquaza, you can find it in the wild in the Kanto region or in the Safari Zone. Once you have captured Rayquaza, you can train it by using TM and HM items, give it vitamins and Rare Candies to level it up, and equip it with items to increase its stats. Once Rayquaza is ready, it can be used to easily defeat most opponents in battle.

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