How To Pronounce Heretical In Relaxed English Language

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What is Heretical?

Heretical is defined as something that is not in accordance with accepted beliefs or standards, especially in religion. It is an adjective and usually used to describe ideas or beliefs that are considered too extreme to be accepted by most people. The word heretical is derived from the Greek word hairesis which means “choice” or “sect”. It is often used to describe religious beliefs that are seen as being in opposition to the mainstream beliefs of the religion.

How to Pronounce Heretical?

The word heretical is pronounced “heh-RET-ih-kuhl”. The emphasis is put on the third syllable, “RET”. The word “heretical” has four syllables, with the emphasis on the third syllable. The “h” is silent, so the word is pronounced as if it were spelled “eretical”.

How to Pronounce Heretical in a Relaxed English Language?

When speaking in a relaxed English language, the pronunciation of the word heretical may change slightly. The emphasis may shift to the second syllable, “heh”, and the third syllable, “ret”, may be pronounced more softly. The pronunciation of the word “heretical” in a relaxed English language is “heh-REH-tih-kuhl”.

Variations in Pronunciation

The pronunciation of the word heretical may vary depending on the speaker’s accent, dialect, and native language. For example, speakers of British English may pronounce the word differently than speakers of American English. Additionally, some speakers may pronounce the “h” sound, while others may omit it altogether.

Examples of Heretical in a Sentence

Here are some examples of the word heretical in a sentence:

1. The church condemned the heretical teachings of the cult.

2. His views on the afterlife were considered heretical.

3. The heretical beliefs of the sect were denounced by the church.

Synonyms of Heretical

Some synonyms of the word heretical include: unorthodox, heterodox, iconoclastic, radical, unorthodoxy, and heterodoxy.

Antonyms of Heretical

Some antonyms of the word heretical include: orthodox, accepted, approved, authorized, orthodoxal, and orthodoxical.


The word heretical means something that is not accepted by mainstream beliefs or standards. It is pronounced “heh-RET-ih-kuhl” with the emphasis on the third syllable, “RET”. When speaking in a relaxed English language, the pronunciation may shift to “heh-REH-tih-kuhl” with the emphasis on the second syllable, “heh”. Synonyms of heretical include unorthodox and heterodox, while antonyms include orthodox and accepted.

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