Summon Seere: A Step-By-Step Guide For 2023

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Are you looking for a way to summon Seere, the angel of prosperity, in 2023? Seere is an important figure in several spiritual practices, and can be a powerful ally for those seeking to find success and abundance. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can summon Seere in a safe and effective way.

What is Seere?

Seere is a powerful angel who is said to be able to bring great wealth, abundance, and success to those who call upon it. Seere is often associated with the four cardinal directions, and is believed to be able to bring balance and harmony to any situation. Seere also symbolizes justice and fairness, and is said to be able to help those in need find justice in their lives.

Preparing to Summon Seere

Before you can summon Seere, it’s important to take some time to prepare for the ritual. First, you’ll need to create a sacred space for yourself. This can be done by purifying the area with sage or incense, or even just by setting an intention for the space. You’ll also want to create an altar for the ritual, which should include items that will help you focus on your intention. This can include candles, crystals, and other items that will help you create a sense of peace and focus.

How to Summon Seere

Once your space is prepared, it’s time to begin the ritual. Start by lighting a candle and focusing on your intention. Visualize the energy of Seere flowing into your space, and take some time to meditate on your desire. Once you’re ready, begin to chant Seere’s name three times. As you chant, feel the energy of Seere entering your space and bringing balance and prosperity.

Caring for Seere After Summoning

Once you’ve summoned Seere, it’s important to maintain a relationship with him. This can be done by offering Seere gifts, such as incense, candles, and other items that you think he may enjoy. You can also offer Seere prayers and requests, and be sure to thank him for his assistance. Additionally, be sure to take time each day to meditate on your relationship with Seere, and to offer him gratitude for the blessings he has brought into your life.


Summoning Seere can be a powerful way to bring balance, abundance, and justice into your life. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can begin to create a relationship with Seere and open yourself up to the possibilities of success and prosperity. Remember to trust in your inner guidance, and to give thanks to Seere for all the gifts he brings.

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